Supposedly this place is pretty good, pretty popular, and pretty famous in Palo Alto and the Bay Area. Since I enjoy eating yummy sweets, I decided to check out this place when my friend mentioned it.


My friend Ryan and I came here after eating lunch at Facebook, and had ice cream there as well, so we were both pretty full. Since we had nothing better to do, and food is a great way to bring people together :), we decided to catch up over sharing an ice cream sandwich!

Although I took a picture of the menu, I actually didn't really look at it. It was all pretty self explanatory. We picked the cookie of our choice, lemon pecan cookie, and the ice cream of our choice, peanut butter twist, then we were all set!

Assembly line.

Ice Cream Flavors.

Ice cream sandwich production in action.

Cutting it in half for my friend and I to share.

Halved Peanut Butter Twist Lemon Pecan Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich.

$4.99 ice cream sandwich.

The ice cream sandwich was just okay. I was underwhelmed since people rave and say such great things about this place. To be fair, Ryan did mention the cookie is usually chewy, not hard like the one we had. But overall, the ice cream sandwich was decent and normal. It is a place that I wouldn't mind coming back to, but not a place I would go out of my way for nor a place I'd be willing to wait in a long line for.


Food: 6/10
Service: 8/10  People were friendly and helpful.
Ambiance: 8/10  Pretty neat that they have an upstairs as well as outdoor balcony where customers could lounge around at.
Overall: 7/10  Very ordinary, nothing special.
Highlight: Nothing in particular to be honest.
Value: Ryan and I split an ice cream sandwich for $4.99. Fairly priced / pretty good price for a dessert, especially in Palo Alto.


440 University Avenue
Palo Alto, CA 94301