Hong Fu

I came to Hong Fu with my boyfriend’s family and relatives on Chinese New Year to, well, celebrate Chinese New Year! There were tons of other Chinese people doing the same thing at Hong Fu with their families. Chinese holidays tend to bring together families, and food is always involved! Haha.

The adults ordered the Hong Fu set menu for the special occasion. Since it set menus are revolved around seafood and meat, I ordered two veggie dishes for me to share with the kiddos at the table.

Pea Tips.  $9.95

Pea tips – pea tips are always my go to at Chinese restaurants, if they’re available, since they are definitely one of my favorite Chinese vegetables. What I love about pea tips is that the stems are thin and short. I hate eating hard, crunchy, and stocky vegetable stems. In addition to pea tips being tasty, their stems are tiny, making it perfect for my palate! Unfortunately, even though I told them no onion or garlic, the dish was full of garlic when it arrived, so I kindly told them to take it back as I requested the dish to be garlic and onion free. Interestingly, when they came back with the pea tips dish, it still tasted very garlicky, except this time the garlic pieces were not visible… It tasted as if they used the cooked batch of pea tips, dipped it in hot water, and brought it back out… Sounds crazy, but that’s seriously what I felt like happened. The garlic was too strong and apparent, and since I know the adults also like pea tips, I just gave it to them after serving some to the kids. I couldn’t bear to eat it with it tasting like a clove of garlic.

Chow Mein - broccoli, bok choy, carrots, and cabbage.  $7.50

Chow Mein – I thought they were going to be the thin chow mein! I was definitely hoping for the thin chow mein, and got tricked! Lol. The chow mein was really bland and not to my liking. The angle of my picture makes it seem like there was quite a bit of veggies in the dish, but there actually weren’t much veggies at all; thus, I felt like I was just eating a ton of carbs! So, I just ate a little bit and stopped. It’s not worth consuming a lot of something if it doesn’t taste good and you don’t like or enjoy eating it.

Black sesame filled sesame balls.

I did however like the dessert they gave us at the end of the meal. Man, these black sesame filled sesame balls were so delicious that I ate 3 – 4 of them! Everyone was supposed to have one, but since there were extras left over, I decided to indulge myself in them since I didn’t eat much throughout the whole dinner. Throughout our meal, I saw the table behind me with tons of them on their table, untouched, that I really wanted to go over and just asked them for one since I wasn’t sure if we were going to get any, lol. Luckily, I was able to have some without having to ask strangers for theirs! :) Although, I barely ate anything at Hong Fu, the sesame ball desserts ended my experience on a good note.


Food: 2/10
Service: 3/10  I kept having to ask the waiters for things as they either: 1) Forgot about my request or 2) Forgot my request and kept serving other tables… Not a fan of the service here at all.
Ambiance: 5/10  The ambiance was okay, it’s what you would expect from a Chinese restaurant.
Overall: 3/10
Highlight: Sesame ball desserts and the $1 red envelope I received from the restaurant for Chinese New Year. I left the restaurant a dollar richer, now who doesn’t love that? :)
Value: The food wasn’t good. The service wasn’t good. I would not be keen to come back here.


Hong Fu
20588 Stevens Creek Blvd
Cupertino, CA 95014