John Anthony

I do like the design of John Anthony's logo - enough that I took a picture it. The logo is nicely done. I like and approve. Haha.

My friend and I came here after Conn Creek. The feel was much different since this is a tasting room in the city as opposed to at a vineyard, had less of the wine tasting at a winery feel and more of a chillaxing in downtown Napa feel.

We arrived when the tasting room was empty, so the sommelier told us to take a seat wherever we wanted to. :D It was a pretty chill atmosphere. We sat close by the open door / entrance since the weather was so nice out.

The tastings were okay. Nothing really stood out out of all the pours, but I think it's because I'm comparing it to ... "Napa" standards (as there are just so many different types of delicious wines out there there). Although nothing in particular stood out, this place is great for just kicking back with friends if you are already in downtown Napa and want to get a tasting in.

The service was also okay. Not bad and not overly friendly, just right in the middle I'd say. I think she was attentive and more than willing to help if we needed anything, but my friends and I just chatted amongst ourselves so she only came to pour the next tasting and then went back behind the bar.



Wine: 3/5
Service: 4/5
Ambiance: 4/5
Overall: 4/5
Highlight: Location, easily accessible / walkable if you're already in downtown Napa
Value: Wine = okay. Service = okay. Location = good. Worth coming on a chill / relaxing night if you want to go wine tasting in downtown Napa.


John Anthony
1440 First Street
Napa, CA 94559