My friend Ryan, Tiffany, and I came here for dinner after a day of wine tasting and brunch at Auberge du Soleil. I've never heard of this Japanese restaurant before, but we decided to come here as it came highly recommended by Brittany, a friendly employee we befriended at Conn Creek Winery.

I like Japanese food, but because I wasn't really a big fan of Morimoto Napa, I went into dinner with low expectations and hoped for the best. To my surprise, the food turned out to be pretty good. The service was not bad. Our waitress was pretty nice, but it was a busy Saturday night so the service was on the slower side.

Since Eikos is a Japanese Tapas style restaurant, we ordered a bunch of things to share.

Edamame  $6
Healthy Fries - Tempura Green Beans with Sesame Dipping Sauce (on the left)  $9

One of their special of the day:
Heirloom Tomato Avocado Roll  ~$14

Shishito Peppers  $6

Mushroom Sushi  $7

Grilled Japanese Eggplant - Roasted Bell Peppers & Honey Miso Glaze  $9

Country Miso Soup - Red and White Hon-Shimeji, Enoki Mushrooms, Wakame, Tofu  $7

You can get the peppers tempura style or pan fried. Since we already planned on ordering the Healthy Fries, we went with pan fried. Plus, although I've never had tempura shishito peppers, I had a strong feeling that pan fried would taste better.

They also provided salt and lime on the side if you want to add more flavor to the shishito peppers. I tried them both ways - eating it as is, as well as eating it with the salt. Honestly, you can't go wrong with either of the two. They taste good both ways.

For the vegetarians that don't eat bonito, then beware that this is not the soup for you. They've already premixed the miso soup with bonito. I sat out on this one and gave it all to my friends to enjoy. :)

This Japanese eggplant was not bad, but I would rate this the lowest out of of all the dishes we ordered. I wasn't too crazy about the miso glaze. There was a weird, or "interesting," taste to it that didn't fit my palate. It wasn't bad, but this isn't a dish I would order again here.


Now here comes the fun stuff, and a new experience for me - Liquid Nitrogen Cocktails!

I got their Mojito of the Future since I like mojitos, and I wanted to try what "mojitos of the future" would taste like... with liquid nitrogen!


Liquid nitrogen tank!

Getting ready to pour.

And here it comes.

She's having fun. :)

Slowly pouring in 100% pure mint juice.

Stirring to separate the mint juice.

We're just waiting...

a little bit... :)

Can you see the sizzling?

Taking out the frozen mint ice.

Carefully placing the mint ice into my cocktail.

Freshly dipped stem of mints that went into the liquid nitrogen. Steamy.

Here comes my awesome liquid nitrogen cocktail creation.

Mhmm. Deliciousness.

What I received was totally not what I had expected. I thought they would create this masterpiece at the bar, then bring it to me once it is done. Instead, I got something completely different. I'll take you with me on this new experience and journey - getting a liquid nitrogen cocktail. 

The whole process was pretty neat. The couple at the table next to us kept staring at the woman making the drink. It was delicious and I would say everyone should get it just for the fascinating experience as well as witnessing the intricate process that goes into creating a drink. Oh, a plus is that they give you the extras in a black thermos (you can kind of see it next to the cocktail in the last two pictures).

If I have a Japanese craving while in Napa, I would be willing to come back here for round 2.


Food: 8/10
Service: 7/10
Ambiance: 8/10
Overall: 8/10
Highlights: Liquid Nitrogen Cocktail & its creation.
Value: Priced fairly.


1385 Napa Town Center
Napa, California 94559

Still steaming.