Henri is a restaurant that I've always known about having a tasting menu but never made a real effort to go. It didn't make the Michelin Starred Restaurant list! So I guess I was always a bit skeptical about it. During my quick Chicago weekend visit from Hong Kong, I decided to dine here over Spiaggia, since I've already been there and loved it, to finally check out this restaurant.



Potato and lemon puree.

Poached duck egg.

Potatoes with pear.

Duck egg ravioli.  

Barley risotto. 


Tainori Dark Chocolate Mousse - macadamia nuts, apricots, white sesame ice cream.  $10

Manjari Dark Chocolate Soufflé - port cherries, caraway-vanilla ice cream.  $14

I usually write a comment about every dish, but ... Henri's dishes were all below expectation and quite disappointing I'd say, so I'll just summarize everything all together. 

I loved the ambiance and service at Henri. It is the only "nice" restaurant in the loop that's on Michigan Avenue. The interior has nice decor which gave off a nice vibe - making me feel very comfortable throughout my dining experience. Our server was great, extremely friendly. He made sure we knew exactly what we were eating, confirming whether his colleagues said exactly what the dishes are composed of just in case they left any info out. Everything in this restaurant is great except the most important part - the food. I was very underwhelmed for every dish that crossed the table. I expected the food to actually taste good since it's a nice restaurant and my friend really liked it when he ate here. The food was very different from other tasting menu restaurants. Not gastromolecular, but more "old fashion" actually. We were the youngest couple or people in that restaurants, everyone else were much much older... Think parents to grandparents. The only thing that actually tasted good were the bread (I ate tons of those!) and the most delicious tasting souffle on earth. My boyfriend was sad to hear that I didn't like the food, but I told him the souffle, ambiance, and service made up for it all. I would 150% come back again just for the souffle. I was detoxing from alcohol, so I didn't try any of their drinks. But Henri is known to make great cocktails. The couple next to us absolutely loved their cocktails. When I'm back visiting Chicago in the future, I'd definitely come back to Henri as a "happy hour" thing to sip some drinks and eat their oh so delicious souffle. I don't usually like chocolate cakes or souffles, but this is hands down the best souffle I've ever had. Would be very hard to find a souffle that can top this one. In conclusion: come to drink cocktails and eat their souffle!


Food: 3/10
Service: 10/10
Ambiance: 10/10
Overall: 7/10
Highlight: Chocolate Souffle <3
Value: In my opinion, it is not worth it to eat here for the cost and taste of food you actually get. But I would definitely come back for their drinks, bread, and souffle.


18 S. Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60603